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Lips are a Process Not a Procedure
By Jane Adler

Unlike other parts of the face lips are a muscle without hair follicles. They also have a very large supply of blood. The ratio of pigment retention taking on the vermilion border verses the vermilion tissue of the lip is very different. Lip liner will have a much greater retention of color. The vermilion tissue of the lips will be far less. Lip pigments are translucent and need to be layered. Yes, some colors are more opaque and still need to be layered. This also lowers the buildup of scar tissue. This means a full lip may take 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the desired results along with the natural lip color mixed into the equation. This would apply regardless of the equipment utilized to tattoo with.

Also it is imperative that the clients receiving these treatments have healthy lip tissue. Meaning no hidden subcutaneous scar tissue. This is not imperative however; scar tissue can create less pigment retention. This can be from sun damage, trauma, injections or a long history of fever blister. It can also be from previous tattoo work.

In many cases a client will lose from to 40% to 70% of color intensity on initial application. They will get a much greater uptake of color on the second session and third if warranted. This is the reality of lip tattooing. Not all clients are good candidates. It is ok to say, "No". Especially if a client is prone to hyperpigmentation. If a client is prone to hyperpigmentation their lips can pull very dark. Also clients with unrealistic expectations warrant further consultation.

Then we must factor in proper technique. One must achieve proper needle depth and angle. Not too deep or too shallow. It is very important to not enter the skin at an angle, but to work on top of your design. Pigment must be tattooed into the dermas. If you go too deep and enter the subcutaneous muscle, pigment can migrate. If tattooing too shallow into just the epidermis the pigment will slough off prematurely. Than healthy lip tissue and proper color selections. It is best to avoid any violet-based pigments on your first session. Start with a safe base color. See what the client brings back to you and stack the color as needed. Most lip colors will come from 4 categories of color. First being Mauves, Browns, Pinks or Warm colors. It is much easier to stack a color over a nice safe warm base. Much harder to reverse. Permanent makeup is a process not a procedure!!!

After care is crucial. Clients need to be educated on how to care for their fresh lip tattoo and also understand long-term care. It is important clients understand no sun pre and post all lip procedures.

Fever Blisters are a known side effect of all lip procedures. Clients are asked to go to their doctor or dentist for an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure, to help avoid an outbreak. Please avoid any friction to lip area until healed. It can still happen, however, will less intense.

Why do lips appear pale after the first week? Simple, there is extra pigment trapped in the epidermis that will shed in the first week. Then actual healing begins. As skin encapsulates the tattooed area it may appear very opaque. This is normal and to be expected. Pigment is now being viewed under the skin. As the natural healing is in process dead skin cells will slough off in about 28 days or more. The older the client this may take a little longer. Then you will see a nice color healed through the skin.

It is not realistic for a client or artist to expect a true lipstick look. Lipstick is worn topically on the skin. Lip tattoos are viewed under the skin. During the healing the lip pigments used will revert back to their original state, which is a powder.

Clients need to understand that lip tattooing does not replace makeup. In fact it is advised to wear some type of lip-gloss to enrich the color tattooed. Lips will vary in color on a daily basis and change color during a day. This depends on if we are hot or cold. Even if we are well hydrated or not.

A well-educated client is a happy client!

I hope this clears up a few questions about lips.

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