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What Every Client File Should Contain
By Jane Adler

When designing your client forms you must determine any state, city and county regulations that would be imperative and check with your attorney. Also I advise getting a copy of all exclusions from your insurance carrier and have them check your forms.

Keeping good client records is sign of professionalism, organization and your best defense against any potential liability. Knock on wood, I have never had to prove myself. However, I treat each and every client the same. With respect, putting their safety first and follow all Universal Precautions and protect myself against any possible claims. It is sad we live in a sue happy society. These simple questions and client management techniques are designed to build a safe and well-respected business.

The more our clients are educated the better our work will be perceived by the public. Permanent makeup is an art and science that must be mastered and taken very seriously. It is also a work in progress. It is very important clients have realistic expectations of this process.

An informed client is a happy client. These universal forms and concepts are a must for all technicians to follow. Of course you will need to adapt to your unique business format. As an educator, I love to share any information that can help any up and coming artists.

Here is a 50-point checklist of some things all files should contain with helpful hints to match:
  1. Keep all client files in a folder. Even if a client is only in for a consultation. They may return years later for the procedure. Each and every new calendar year please have client update their forms. Addresses and medications change as often as hair color. Be sure to keep all files for at least 5 years. Some say, to have clients fill out paper work for each and every visit.
  2. Before and after photos. Be sure to take a before picture of every client. Even if it is for a consultation and they are wearing their own makeup. Then if you proceed, take more before pictures. You can only get these once. Consider taking a minimum of two before pictures. It is best to use a 35 ml. Camera with a zoom lense. Pictures can be your best defense. Digital cameras are wonderful. Some say they will not hold up in court, some say they will. If using one, be sure to also take a hard copy on your regular camera, too! This is because digital photo's can be altered. Better safe than sorry. Take pictures every time you see your clients. Pre and post procedure. Very important!!!!!!!!
  3. Get full name, address and day and evening phone numbers. Email too! Get an emergency contact number. If in a state that prohibits the tattooing of minors ask to see drivers license and record information. Be sure to ask: How were you referred? You need to keep track of advertising dollars and who to thank for referrals.
  4. Why do you want Permanent Makeup? What do you expect to achieve? This is one of the best ways to determine if your client really wants this service. I call it my test question for mental health. We need to work on clients that have realistic expectations. If not, say, "NO". Any major events coming up?
  5. Photo Release: In most states we need to have a signed photo release. If not you may be in violation of the "Privacy Act". Meaning if you publish or show a clients picture in your portfolio without a release, it could spell big trouble. Make sure all clients sign a photo release. Ok, a client comes in and refuses to sign or take before and after pictures. I simple tell them that all files are confidential and it is my policy to have pictures of all of my clients. I tell them, I will initial, the file for file and keep for my records only. Works every time. If they still refuse I give them three other technicians' names for referral. Why? If I only give them one name and they have a bad experience they can sue me for the referral. If I give three names, they have made their one choice. If any client is not cooperative, just say, "NO". It is illegal to share client's private files. "HIPPA".
  6. Include on all release forms you're pricing, how many sessions it includes and your touch up policy and pricing.
  7. Have all clients initial and sign that they have received pre and post written instructions. Make sure they also understand this is a form of tattooing and it is considered permanent. Your pre and post care should be part of your major consent.
  8. Record method of payment. Needles used, color used, placement concerns, and any additional information that comes up in conversation. Be sure to record any skin blemishes that the client had before beginning any procedure.
  9. If any unusual skin concerns have client initial. For example, client has a skin tag on upper right eyelid margin and a chicken pox scar in center of left eyebrow.
  10. Document all concerns, and phone calls and emails in your client files. Be sure to never write anything negative about the client in their file. That would make any judge mad. Also record all follow up visits and any changes in shape, colors or needle used! Every time you see your clients ask if any thing is new. Like medications or jobs? Contact information!
  11. Ask are you wearing contact lenses. Be sure they know to bring eyeglasses, to all appointments, if having an eyeliner procedure. Never, tattoo with contact lenses in the eyes!!!
  12. Are you on any medications or regular herbs or vitamins? There are some medications like high blood pressure, alcohol, aspirin, Advil, niacin or vitamin E that can cause extra bleeding during a procedure. Also herbs like Gingko Biloba, Saint Johns Wart and Evening Primrose oil are linked to lowering the effects of topical anesthetics.
  13. Are you over the age of 18? Personally, I will not work on minors even with guardians consent. Not worth the possible liability.
  14. Are you Pregnant? You need to see if this is an exclusion of you insurance policy. It is recommended to not work on pregnant women. God forbid they have a miss carriage after a procedure. You could be held liable. We also know that we may work on a client that does not even know they are pregnant. Pregnant woman may be hypersensitive, more prone to infection, have delayed healing. Not worth it. If you do a client in her late stages of pregnancy, please get a doctor release. Better safe than sorry!!
  15. Do you have any known allergies?? If they say no, ask the following. Ever had any reactions at dentist, with skin care products, jewelry, makeup or food??? Better safe than sorry. Also we cannot get our questions answered unless we ask them.
  16. Are you allergic to any Caine products or PABA?
  17. Have you ever had trouble getting numb at the dentist?
  18. Are you allergic to any cosmetics? Please explain!
  19. Are you allergic to any metals? Explain that 17% of woman can have a slight reaction to the metals in needles. This is usually temporary and will dissipate. In some case it can make the procedure more sensitive. Especially, in the eye area. Are you willing to proceed?
  20. Do you have any eye conditions? Glaucoma, Dry Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis etc.? Please explain!
  21. Do you have any medical conditions? Please explain!
  22. Are you on any hormones? Please explain! This is usually very common and not a problem. If it is for sex change, do not proceed to healing and emotional factors.
  23. Are you seeing a doctor for any reason? Mental or physical?
  24. Have you had any other tattoos? How did they heal and were you pleased? Have you had previous permanent makeup? Any problems? Are you happy? Why are you not returning to the previous technician? This can be a red flag that they are never happy!
  25. Have you had any plastic surgery? Were you pleased? How long ago? Are you planning on any in the near future? Great way to also learn and introduce yourself to local surgeons for referrals or technical questions, you may have. Ask if they had any complications or delayed healing.
  26. Are you prone to hyperpigmentation or Hypopigmentation? Very important to ask. If they are prone to hyperpigmentation this means any additional trauma can pull any given color darker. Hyperpigmentation can be an ethnic issue, hormones, or sun damage. Also previous trauma or tattoo work.
  27. Heart Problems? Explain in detail! I want to know in case they are prone to infection and need a medical release to be safe!
  28. Hemophilia? Just say, "NO"
  29. Have you ever had Hepatitis? To be honest I am not concerned with this. The reason is I treat all clients like they have a communicable disease and follow all Universal Precautions. There is a very great chance that all of us will and or has worked on client with Hepatitis or even worse auto immune disorder. The client may not know or will not tell you. Many baby boomers have Hepatitis C that has been in remission for 25 years. They grew up in the era of sex, drugs and rock n' roll.
  30. Are you planning on having laser treatments for skin damage or hair removal? I want all clients to know their Permanent Makeup must be protected!!!
  31. Do you use Retin A or Renova? Any recommend products from your skin care expert or dermatologist. If yes, must stay away from treated areas long term at least 2". If use the above mentioned products I would like you to stop using 2 weeks prior to all PM sessions. If on Accutane I need you off all oral medications for 6 months prior to starting all PM. It is also a good idea to get a release.
  32. What about peels or photo facials?
  33. Are you taking any blood thinners? What for? Get a medical release! Better safe than sorry!
  34. Do you have any autoimmune disorders? HIV, AIDS, Lupus etc. I need a medical release. We cannot refuse an Aids patient service. This falls under the "American Disability Act". It is discrimination. However, you can tell them it is your policy to get a medical release for an elective procedure. It is very unlikely they will get a doctor to sign of on this. This is your legal out!
  35. Have you ever had a fever blister or cold sore? Be sure to ask about both. Some clients will admit to one of them but not both. Make sure they need to know they must obtain a prescription from their doctor or dentist. For an oral anti-viral medication. It will not prevent an outbreak but cut the chances down by 80 +%.
  36. Have all clients initial that Fever blisters can be a known side affect of any given lip procedure.
  37. Do you bruise or swell easily???
  38. Are you prone to allergic conjunctivitis or eye infections?
  39. Are you prone to contact dermatitis? Shingles?
  40. Inform all clients that Permanent makeup is a multi session procedure. Color can fade or turn color when exposed to certain elements. Touch up work is recommended to keep work looking fresh over the years. Have them initial this!!!!
  41. Inform client that the Red Cross may not let them donate blood for one year after any tattoo procedure(s)? This may vary from every state. Be sure to know the regulations of your community.
  42. Inform all clients there can be swelling, discomfort with any procedure. It is not acceptable to claim PM procedures are pain free.
  43. Inform all clients if they have self medicated, they must have a ride home or you not will perform the procedure(s).
  44. Be sure to NEVER EVER recommend any medications to your clients. Even if over the counter. This could be perceived as practicing medicine without a license. Big no no!! Better safe than sorry. God forbid the client has a reaction or get in an accident. You could be held responsible.
  45. Inform clients to not wear makeup or contact lenses for a minimum of 72 hours post procedure! Can cause secondary infection and pre-mature color fading!
  46. Be sure to explain that they must keep all treated areas squeaky clean.
  47. Inform a client that sun or tanning beds pre and prost procedure is a no no. Also that long-term sun exposure will fade work and can cause damaged skin and scar tissue.
  48. Also avoid direct water pressure, pools and any open bodies of water during healing period, Can cause infection and or fading.
  49. Do you need to take antibiotics prior to going to the dentist? Technically tattooing is a clean sport. Dentistry is a dirty sport. Working in an oral cavity that is more prone to infection. Be safe and get a doctors release if they need to pre-medicate. Better safe than sorry.
  50. Are you allergic to glycerin, rubbing alcohol or iron oxides? Thank god very rare!
  51. Whenever not sure about any condition or get that funny feeling in your belly, due one of two things. Say, "NO", or call your colleagues or associations for advice. We all need to be a team after client safety and protecting ourselves. I hope these hints help all new and seasoned technicians. Always follow your instincts, common sense and intuition. It is your best friend

Keep in mind a $400.00 procedure is not worth a $40,000.00 lawsuit!!

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