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SofTap® Permanent Makeup
By Jane Adler

I began my career in Permanent Cosmetics in 1994. After being a nail technician for over 15 years I was looking for something new and exciting. Now I am a SofTap® girl. My first class was taught in Scottsdale, AZ and was a manual technique. I did get a good basic knowledge of Permanent Makeup. Unfortunately, the class was overpriced and the instructor was limited in information. I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could. There were a lot of obstacles the first year. Confidence, knowledge, people to practice on and finding mentors and the money to continue on with. I found the leading artists in my area were not willing to share there knowledge, actually very few people would even return my calls. In 1996 through my research I found SofTap®. The first time Alexis Lawson and I spoke I think we were on the phone for over an hour. She has got to be the most honest, knowledgeable and helpful woman I have ever known. In fact I think we currently speak on the phone at least once a week to share knowledge. Not to be sappy but I came really close to quitting Permanent makeup my first year. After SofTap® came into my life I was so excited to be a Permanent Makeup artist. In fact my career has been incredible and the results of my work are something to be proud of. I also found the strength and knowledge to write an instructional manual to share with all my students that can guide anyone with the quest for knowledge through their entire career.

SofTap® has been around for many years (1988) and went public several years ago. SofTap® is a manual technique. No machines are used. There are over 60 beautiful pre-mixed pigments to choose from. The pigments are iron-oxide and glycerin. There are no FD andC or DandC dyes in there pigments. What makes these pigments special compared to others is that they are thick, creamy and stay true to color. There is no more mixing or guess work on color your choice.

SofTap® is very gentle in application. I have done many clients with previous machine work. They can not believe how comfortable the procedures were. Actually a lot of my clients fall asleep during eyeliner and eyebrow procedures. The pigment is deposited with a set of fine needles that are grouped in an "in-line" or "round" configuration. Unlike traditional machines that push pigment into the skin, SofTap® gently lifts of the skin to deposit the pigment. You can always tell you are depositing your pigment correctly when you hear a sound that mimics Velcro.

The SofTap® method has truly made me love my career of choice. The SofTap® needles are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, and complete control of pigment placement, less touch-ups and most important, a very natural looks that is long lasting.

I did a woman about a year ago who had her eyebrows done four times with poor results. After a long consultation, I agreed to try SofTap® on her. She had mentioned that she had a lot of bleeding and almost all pigment sloughed off after a couple of days with her old machine work. I did her eyebrows just once using Cafe Vienna and a #9 SofTap® needle. Not only did she fall asleep during the procedure she retained 90% of her new eyebrow pigment. She never did exfoliate residual pigment and one year later her brows are as beautiful as the day we did them. As a hairdresser she has sent me everyone she knows.

The moral of this story is don't give up. The first year of anything new is hard. Find a product line that you work well with and a mentor you trust and respect. Gather as much knowledge as you can and practice. Never stop your education. Remember our clients are our canvas of art, be proud of your work. SofTap® has been the most incredible experience for me. After five years of being a Permanent Makeup artist I will continue my practice and am joining the SofTap® team as an educator in Phoenix, AZ.

Also another exciting point of SofTap® is the all the new tools and pigments being made each year. It just keeps getting better.

SofTap® has also developed several color correction pigments. They are primer pigments to correct unwanted colors under the skin. They have also developed two new soft eyebrow colors Amber and Platinum. The corrective pigments are Lemonaid, Orangeaid, and LimeAid. They also have the only pigment lightener approved by Allied Health Insurance. Lightning is a non-acid lightener that lifts fresh work and lightens old work. SofTap® is always growing to aid the technician in being the best they can be. My hat is off to them.

1 800 9-softap
1 925 248-6301
Alexis and Mike Lawson

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