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What Makes a Good Educator
By Jane Adler

Are you dedicated to the industry of Permanent Makeup? Do you come forward and offer to assist others troubleshoot a problem? Are you constantly looking for better and more efficient ways of doing things? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, you may have the makings of an instructor.

I am embarking upon the second phase of my career in the Permanent Makeup Industry. Soon I will be offering new students the benefit of the knowledge I have acquired since the beginning in 1994 Having knowledge and being able to efficiently transfer it to others, however, is an art within itself. Being knowledgeable does not necessarily translate to the makings of a good instructor or a good program for teaching others a trade. The desire to teach, accompanied with a good program is essential.

Initially, I believe that an educational program should be exciting and enjoyable. We all digest things easier if those elements are part of any program or task. I believe that an effective training program involves the least amount of note taking on behalf of the students as possible. Notes scribbled down in a class atmosphere wherein information is being presented at a fast pace are rarely meaningful at a later date. Important information should be presented in written form so students can follow easily with the instructor and highlighted meaningful issues for review at a later time. A well organized manual is a must for the short term class programs that include student home study.

Good instructor qualities not withstanding knowledge, in my opinion, consist of an individual who enjoys sharing knowledge, recognizes the variables of learning abilities and techniques, provides guidance and support, and however knows that in order for the student to succeed, there is time for independent problem solving. Regardless of the quality of the instruction or the content of a manual, permanent makeup procedures take practice, and more practice, and more practice. There are times that encouragement is the only offering an instructor can provide.

Post class support is equally as important to the dedicated instructor as the initial class. The instructor who welcomes reasonable business oriented communication with students after the class recognizes the benefit of problem solving with their students. As a result, the instructor maintains a presence with in the day to day technical aspect of the industry, the student benefits from being able to look to the more experienced for guidelines in complex situations.

A teacher cannot teach what they do not know. So, it is the responsibility of the educator to do their homework, stay current and take additional training in every aspect of permanent makeup.

Students train themselves by performing procedures. No amount of written or spoken material substitutes for the hands on experience. The instructor’s role is to guide the student calmly and patiently through the sometimes scary situations that occur in permanent makeup.

Students should leave knowing that it takes patience and time to master the art and science of permanent makeup.

I believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping another individual to be the best the can be. I learned from the most honest and open-minded person I have ever known, Alexis Lawson owner of SofTap®. I hope to pass this gift along.

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