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Permanent Cosmetics - I did it!
By Jennifer Hartman http://www.nitrolifestyle.com

Have you ever been curious about permanent cosmetics? Our own Jennifer Hartman Bonham took the plunge, and shares her experience.

Permanent Cosmetics, known professionally as Micro-Pigmentation, is the micro-implantation (depositing) of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, in essence, it is a cosmetic tattoo. Here are some examples of what can be done using micro-pigmentation:

Micro-pigmentation can be used to enhance and accentuate eyebrows, eyes and lips. Permanent make-up is waterproof, and will not wash off or smear. Lips can be made to look fuller, eyebrows can be even and arched, eyes can be lined to add definition and enhancement. Time can be saved by removing the chores of applying liner to lips, eyes or brows from your daily routine.

Reconstructing and Camouflage
Micro-pigmentation can be used to help camouflage scars and areola's, burns and vitiligo to a degree, using flesh tone pigment. Areolas can be reconstructed to look natural after undergoing breast augmentation.

There are 3 different methods in which to apply permanent cosmetics:

Coil Machine
This is a traditional tattoo machine used for face and body tattooing that runs off a coil and in a reciprocating motion. This method has been around since mid 1800's

Rotary (also called digital rotary)
This is a motorized cosmetic pen that has been around since early 1980's.

Manual Method
This method does not use a machine with the artist being the power source. The tools used are all pre-sterilized and 100% disposable. This method is the oldest of them all.

The cost of permanent make-up varies, usually starting at around $325 and upwards, depending on what you are having done. Factor in the time you spend on your make-up as well as the cost of cosmetics, and you find that it is well worth the price.

Now that I have explained the basics, I will share my own experience with permanent cosmetics;

I arrive at Everlasting Facial Art, in Phoenix Arizona for my 10:00 Saturday morning appointment. As I enter the building I whisper to myself, "here it goes", taking a deep breath. I meet Jane Adler, owner and instructor of Everlasting Facial Art. After meeting and greeting, I read through some standard forms which require my initials and signatures, confirming that I understand and accept all that comes with the procedure that I am going to have done today, which will be my eyebrows. Jane is very thorough in explaining everything to me, ensuring that I understand it all.

Next it's time to draw on my eyebrows to my desired shape and thickness. I appreciated the time Jane took for this, and it did take some time. She used a pencil and drew over my eyebrows, altering little things here and there per my request. She was very patient with me, as I thought I might have driven her crazy with my perfectionist type personality. Once I was totally satisfied with the shape, arch and thickness, it was time for the actual procedure.

Jane had me lie on the table (think massage table) where she made sure I was nice and comfortable by putting a cushion under my legs and offering me a blanket to cover up with should I feel chilly (the building was pleasantly air conditioned).
Once I was comfortable and relaxed, it was time to begin.

Jane prefers to use the SofTap® method of manually implanting pigment into the skin, and she is highly recommended by Alexis Lawson, the founder of SofTap®. The tool she uses on me is sterile and disposable. Jane starts by explaining to me everything she is doing as she does it, which puts me at ease. She begins to implant the pigment into my eyebrow, which feels somewhat like a pinching sensation at first, then as she works her way across the brow, feels like tweezing about 5 hairs at once. After she gets the initial outline of the brow shape on each brow, she applies a topical pain reliever to help the discomfort subside. My eyes did water due to the fact that the eyebrow area can tend to be sensitive, but the pain was very mild and tolerable, as well as short-lived. What felt great, was when she would apply ice cold pads to my eyebrow, providing heavenly relief. Before I knew it, she was done.

After relaxing for a few minutes, I got up to go look into the mirror. My eyes widened with delight as I saw the beautiful results of Jane's artistry. My eyebrows had become transformed into these even, soft colored, perfectly arched features. A huge smile spread across my face, as I was so happy and grateful for my new eyebrows. Never before had I been able to properly pluck and shape my eyebrows on my own, and now I won't have to. On areas where my eyebrows were sparse, there now was even filling. I was given the arch I was never able to find on my own. Would I do it all over again? Yes, 100 times over. I can honestly say that this is one of the very best things I have ever done for myself. No more brow pencil to frustrate me as I would try to evenly draw them on myself, no more time wasted stressing over the appearance of my eyebrows. It had been done for me, and it wasn't going to wash off! I would like to thank Jane for her amazing work, and for providing me with results above and beyond my satisfaction.

If you are interested in having permanent cosmetics done for yourself, here is a listing of professionals in your area: http://www.permanentcosmetics.net/

However, if you are ever in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend Jane Adler at Everlasting Facial Art: http://www.janeadler.com

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