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Tips and Tricks with the Hand Tool
By Margie Grimm and Jane Adler

Aside from the convenience and reasonable cost of the hand tool, there are some facets of this modality that are unique. It is a very simple way to tattoo. Simply open a pre-sterlized pouch, do your procedure and toss the entire tool into a sharps container.

Many hand tools come in a variety of straight line needle lengths and widths (rows across.) If it is a small or hard to get to area, a smaller needle length can be selected to form fit the procedural area. The configuration choices by today's manufacturers are limitless. Needles can be as small as a 3 prong round all the way up to 114 prongs to fill lips. Most tools are standard twelve gauges and also come in ten and eight gauge for fine detailed work on thinner tissue like eyes and lips.

The width (rows of needles across) represents how wide the procedural area is that you are working on. The upper eyelash area is a perfect example of how the hand tool's unique configuration allows the technician select the best needle width to "form fit the desired eyeliner width. The appropriate needle selection is then placed securely next to the client's eyelash line and each tap on the skin implants the exact desired width of the eyeliner. When the design narrows, the hand tool is angled in a manner to disengage some of the multi rows used for the thicker area of the design thus allowing for eyeliner design tapering. By simply adjusting your touch you can make the finest line possible or a very pretty taper.

Hairline strokes are also nicely applied by utilizing different single row straight line needle lengths. By alternating needle lengths, hairline strokes are strategically placed intermittently throughout the brow design in a uniform pattern. For instance, by utilizing#12, 9 and 7 single row straight line tools, different hairline stroke length patterns are placed in the brow based on brow width, desired healed design appearance, and tail taper requirements.

There are even some manufacturers that provide for a hairline stroke special needle that is slightly curved to emulate the growth of a natural hair. The manual method offer such control you can draw out each hair stroke than implant it for that detailed crisp line we all want. Then with added creativity you can mimic the most natural looking brows you want. With that said you can also achieve a very solid design if desired.

The variety of lengths, widths, and straight or round configuration choices of hand tool configurations appeals to many in the industry. The versatility of manual tools is up to the artist. There are so many features that allow for creativity. All procedures on the face and body can be performed with these tools. This includes eyes, brows, lips, areola restoration and scar camouflage.

The main difference between the manual method and machines is you are your own power source. It is the artist behind any tool that creates success. There is nothing a machine can do that the manual method cannot also achieve with a well trained technician. If you can see it in your mind first you can tattoo it.

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