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The Truth About Microblading!
Beware of Trends!

By Jane Adler

Read Microblading Fact Sheet Now

What it Microblading?
Microblading is one of the many ways to get pigment under the skin. It is an etching technique. Like any other cosmetic tattoo, it is in the upper reticular layer of the dermis. It is not a new technique, just new to the internet and people taking 2-day classes and being told it is new. These 2 to 3 day classes have spread like a wild fire! They offer inadequate training. Etching pigment into the skin is a very very very old style of tattooing. In fact, I have used it in my bag of tricks for over 20 years.

Microblading tools are a configuration of needles and not an actual blade! They should be 100% disposable and single service! They should also come Pre sterilized and from a reputable vendor like SofTap!

Microblading myths in the USA!
  1. Pain free
  2. Semi-Permanent
  3. Not a tattoo
  4. Can learn in 2 days
  5. Certified or licensed in Arizona
  6. Will last only a year
Why should you be worried about Microblading?
There is a tremendous amount of false information online! Beware of marketing traps. Make sure you pick your artist by experience, meaning at least 5 years of professionally doing and not a person that has taken only a 2 to 3-day class. It takes years to master cosmetic tattooing. It is a safe and wonderful enhancement of one's natural features to allow you to look your best 24/7. Once again it must be done by an experienced artist.

Who is a candidate for Microblading?
A person with young skin and small pores is the best candidate. Keep in mind, what you are looking for is an artist that specializes in natural looking eyebrows and has the skill to adapt different techniques to adjust to maturing skin. Make sure to NEVER EVER make choices by trend. A good artist will know how to do your brows to age well. It is a fact that all permanent makeup requires maintenance over the years. The word permanent means it does not wash off! However, it needs to be refreshed (ranging 1 to 5 years). This is reality.

What to look for when seeking Permanent Makeup?
  1. Experience
  2. Able to answer all questions
  3. Only works at a professional facility and not a home
  4. Has an extensive portfolio
  5. Has a website
  6. Has testimonials
  7. Has positive feedback on social media, such as Google, Facebook and Yelp
  8. Pick someone that only does permanent makeup. Often a person will claim years of doing, but they really do hair, skin, nails, etc.
  9. Do not go to any one that claims it is pain free, semi-permanent or not a cosmetic tattoo. Those are false statements.
  10. Remember you get what you pay for.
Microblading must be done with someone with a ton of training and skill, and keep in mind, young skin versus mature skin.


I've been going to Jane for years for my permanent makeup (and touch ups) on my brows. I get compliments all the time on my brows. Then one day I was due for my touch up and I saw all these ads on Microblading. So I go out of curiosity, due to all the "hype," to only find out that I had to go back many more times for Microblading because it wasn't holding the color. I went back the last time; and since the color wasn't "taking" to my brows she used a black pigment color. I ended up with Navy stripes in my brows. I went back to Jane again to fix the mess and they look beautiful again. I feel more confident again without makeup on. It gives my face some color and frames my face. Thanks Jane for keeping me and my brows beautiful!!

Ashley B

Hi all,

I originally went to Jane around 10 years ago. My first experience with eyeliner and eyebrows was gorgeous. Jane took great care in answering my questions, explaining the best choice for coloring, and she explained how she wanted to do the shaping specifically for my face. The final product looked awesome. Two years ago, I decided to "cheat" on Jane and try the hugely popular microblading since it was offered to me at a cheap price and was promised to be pain free. It was, in fact, pain free....it also completely faded within 2 months. When I went back to the person to have it redone she used a very, very dark color that was very wrong for my pale skin tone and did the eyebrows much thicker than the last ones. It still faded very quickly in some parts and looked like a sharpie pencil line in other parts that went way too far outside of my natural brow. It looked so bad that the employee offered me a full refund. I had to use makeup to cover up my eyebrows which defeats the whole purpose of doing it in the first place. After a couple weeks of frustration, and being tired of looking like a clown, I called Jane to see if she could help. Using her experience and artistic talent she was able to do corrective coloring and shaping to tone down the bad work enough that I wasn't embarrassed to leave my house without a ton of makeup over my eyebrows. Through subsequent touch ups we have been able to get my eyebrows looking beautiful again! Thank you! I learned my lesson and will remember to choose experience and artistry over new trends and flashy sales any day, after all, it is your face!!!

Heidi McHardy

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