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Traditional Tattoo Procedure

Tattoo Pre-Procedure Instructions

Please book a consultation prior to your tattoo. We will discuses your design and placement. It can take a few days to work up your custom stencil. Please feel free to bring in pictures of you design ideas. I will have flash sheets for your inspiration to view. I specialize in small to medium delicate designs mostly for women. Once we have both reached a desired goal a single use stencil will be made up for you.

For any work outside the scope of my talents or skills, I have a large referral base to send you to. This would include large tattoos and cover-up designs. All procedures are booked by appointment only.

Please do not come to any tattoo appointment with a sun burn. Your skin must be free of blemishes. Please avoid alcohol, illegal drugs, excess amounts of Vitamin E, Niacin, or aspirin, unless medically warranted. For women you may be extra sensitive if being tattooing during your menstrual cycle.

All needles are pre-sterilized and single-use. All used needles are immediately disposed of into a biohazard sharps container. As an authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor, rest assured that I follow all applicable Blood Borne Pathogen standards with the utmost respect and detail. There is an ultrasonic cleaner and two FDA registered sterilizers on the premise. Regular biological spore testing is done to guarantee all equipment is in proper working order. All local ADOSH regulations local laws regarding tattooing are followed.

YOU MUST BE OVER 18 to get a tattoo. Every client must show me a valid picture ID. Always come to any tattoo appointment with a full belly (eat a good meal). If prone to fainting, please bring a friend or family member with you. All items used during a tattoo are single-use and disposable. A before and after picture is taken at every procedure.

Tattoo Aftercare

Taking Care of your New Tattoo (download pdf)

The average initial healing time can take up to four weeks. During the healing process it is normal to have some discomfort, flaking and itchiness. Please do not pick! You will know your tattoo is healed when it has lost its glossy sheen. At this time if there are any areas that did not take please call me for a follow up if needed. Avoid exposure to sun and open bodes of eater, tubs while healing. In many cases only one session is needed.

Healing a tattoo is all about proper hygiene. Keep your fingers and other people's fingers off the fresh tattoo; this can cause an infection and poor healing and or retention of color.

When any residual bleeding has stopped (about two hours), remove the original dressing from your tattooed skin by washing the tattooed area with cold water, you should then clean your tattoo using the detailed instructions below. It is advised to sleep in old clothing and if stuck in the morning step in the shower and wet before removing. Also please have very clean sheets. Residual pigment and or ink can stain your linens.

It is normal for your newly tattooed skin to have a deep red color around the tattoo and to feel warm or even feverish for the first day or so. Gently wash your tattoo by hand with a very mild soap (Dial Soap) and pat dry with a clean cloth. Do not rub! Clean hands only please!

Avoid soaking your tattoo in a hot bath during the healing period. After washing the tattoo, with "clean" hands, re-apply a liberal amount (not too much) of healing cream to the tattoo. Vaseline works well and fragrant free lotions like Lubriderm. I will give you a tube of Recoveral®. Please do not use if allergic to tea tree oil. You can also use A&D cream. However, any ointment with polysporin in it can cause a secondary reaction in many clients.

Your new tattoo will be very sensitive for several days. This is normal. Try to refrain from any unnecessary stressful activity involving the part of your body with the new tattoo while it is healing. You should continue to moisturize the tattoo whenever it becomes dry with one of the recommended creams a couple of weeks.

If you find one of the creams irritating to the skin, please discontinue using that cream. Contact me or let heal naturally. If your tattoo is still inflamed after the fifth day, please contact my office or [email protected]

Avoid scratching or picking at the dry scaly skin that forms on your tattoo. This will cause a loss of color. Continue to moisturize the tattoo until this scaly skin falls off naturally. If your tattoo itches during the healing period, avoid scratching. This will prolong the healing process. The tattooed area might also peel a few times even after it is initially healed. This is very common and normal!

You should avoid exposing your tattoo directly to the sun, tanning beds, saunas, and public swimming facilities. Prolonged exposure to the sun (even after healing) will DRASTICALLY damage your tattoo. If you must be in the sun, cover your tattoo completely or apply liberal amounts of waterproof sun block lotion. Your tattoo will look only as good as your skin is healthy. Continue to use a good quality skin moisturizer on your tattooed skin and the colors will remain vibrant and beautiful.

Waiver & Disclaimer

You can be assured of a safe and clean tattoo procedure from Jane Adler. However, Jane Adler and Everlasting Facial & Body Art assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damages incurred after you have left my studio. It is your job to take care of your tattoo and follow proper aftercare instructions. In rare cases tattoo ink and or pigment can be unpredictable. There is always a chance of an allergic reaction. This can take years to show up. By getting a tattoo done by Jane Adler you are informed of the risks of infection, scaring, fading of color, and risk of an allergic reaction and are willing to proceed of your own free will with informed consent. You are also responsible for accepting your design, placement and adverse reactions. I do not recommend taking any medications. Jane Adler will also not work on anyone that is impaired or not willing to follow the above instructions. Please avoid alcohol, illegal drugs, excess amounts of Vitamin E, Niacin, or aspirin unless medically warranted. Women may be especially sensitive if being tattooing during your menstrual cycle. Many times it is necessary to shave the area being tattooing (fresh disposable razors used on all clients). Men and woman may be prone to getting ingrown hairs during the healing process.

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